I’m a small organic farmer who has sold directly to restaurants in the Bay Area, from Chez Panisse and Gather to Foreign Cinema and Nopalito, for 3 decades. When the pandemic lockdowns hit, I decided to sell direct to you, the home cook. And you, in this precarious moment in time, need to have good, healthy ingredients to make food at home. So here we are!

My goal is to both keep my farm alive and nourish you and your community.

We have farmland in Watsonville and Salinas, where we grow all of our cooking and salad greens, alliums, root vegetables, pole beans, and more. We also work with some other local farmers and companies to offer you a wide assortment of add-on items in addition to what we sell in our box. Bernard Ranch, a no-spray citrus distributer in Riverside, supplies our delicious mixed citrus bags with rotating varieties of grapefruit and oranges. Louie Iacopi of half moon bay provides you with the most delicious dried white butter beans. We also proudly offer other produce grown by other Salinas Valley farmers near our farmland. For more information on each product available, please see the order form.

We hope you enjoy our produce as much as we do.

In health,

Martin B.