Box Flyer

Digital Flyer, November 17th-Bay Area

Your box contains the following items. 

1/2lb. Mesclun
1/2lb. Red/green little gems
1/2lb. spigariello
2lb. Mixed fingerlings
1lb. Sunchokes
1 bunch red torpedo onions
1 bunch baby leeks
2lb. Loose mixed carrots
1 bunch cliantro
1lb. Mixed peppers
2lb. Brussels sprouts
2-3 sudachi
2 fuyu persimmons

Instead of one yuzu, you are getting 2-3 sudachi citrus. I wasn’t sure I could get them, as their short season is almost over. These are like yuzu, in that they are Japanese citrus that are ready in the fall for a few weeks. But they are more like a small mandarin or lime, with a thin skin and juicy flesh. I wanted you to have the chance to use the sudachi with the Brussels sprouts. 

Brussels sprouts have had quite the renaissance lately, usually served deep fried with a tangy sauce. I will periodically put them in the box from now through February, as they are a very local, healthy green vegetable through the winter. I like boiling them in salted water just like you would boil pasta, but not too long. Maybe 3-5 minutes. You want them al dente so you can cook them again, this time broiled or roasted with slices of lemon, or in this special case, sudachi. There is something to how citrus counteracts the more unpleasant qualities of a brussel sprout. I also like to use bacon or pancetta in this dish, but if you are kosher/halal, or vegetarian, use some onions instead. Take the blanched brussels sprouts and cut them in half lengthwise. Put them on a cookie sheet, roasting pan, with somewhat cooked bacon or pancetta cut into 1 inch pieces. Take the sudachi and cut in half, then slice thinly with a very sharp or serrated knife. You should get many thin half moons about 1/8 inch in diameter. Toss with the Brussels sprouts, bacon or onions. Add some bacon fat or olive oil, salt and pepper. Everything should be spread out to be only one layer, so when you put it under the broiler, or in your oven at 475-500 degrees everything gets golden brown with little black edges quickly and evenly. You don’t want to get distracted at this moment, as you will end up with a pile of black carbon if not careful. Serve immediately. 

I recommend taking some of the potatoes, sunchokes, baby leeks, and carrots, and roasting them all together with some olive oil and white wine. Cover with aluminum foil if you want them to cook more delicately. Don’t use any or take if off half way if you want to get some color in the root veggies. 

You could use the sudachi in a salad by zesting the skin into the olive oil and vinegar. Then squeeze the juice as part of the acid. It’s your one chance to have a sudachi-flavored salad dressing.