Please also see our terms & conditions page and our box info page for important information regarding pickup, delivery, farm box contents/substitutions, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription, or do I order week by week?

We don’t offer subscriptions at the moment, but we may offer it in the future! For now, please order week by week.

Should I tip my delivery driver? (SF Bay Area)

Tips are not mandatory, but our drivers do happily accept tips! If you are picking up your box from a bulk drop-off spot and are not receiving home delivery, please do not feel compelled to tip as there is not direct service to your home.

Is there a delivery fee?

SF Bay Area–There is not currently a delivery fee, though you could consider your tip to the driver a delivery fee. We know that some people cannot leave their homes right now, and we do not want to provide an incentive to going out into public if someone really should be staying home. We trust that, for the most part, folks want to support each other right now, and those who are able to pickup their boxes will pickup so that those who should stay home can stay home.

New York–There is a $20 charge for direct delivery. We do not have employees in New York and have to use a delivery service.

Can we return our boxes for you to reuse?

We cannot accept used boxes from customers right now, for a few reasons, but primarily because we do not feel it’s responsible of us to ask our drivers (or bulk drop-off hosts) to interact with materials that have been in one customer’s home before handing off food to another. This is to protect our customers, our drivers, and our drop-off hosts. We know that folks do not like creating more waste than is necessary, and we feel the same way. We just have to be extra cautious right now.

We also encourage you to recycle the soft plastic (and all soft plastic you encounter and use). If your city does not have soft plastic recycling, you can find a recycling location here https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/recycling-bags-and-wraps/find-drop-off-location/

Where are your pickup locations?

San Francisco



Menlo Park

*Please see the email confirmation from your order form for pickup times. Pickup time is listed next to the pickup name and address in your confirmation email and on the order form. Note that private residences (not listed above) do not have scheduled times; customers will be alerted via text message when their orders are ready.*