The Box (& more!)

Mixed Produce Box

Every week the box will look similar (but of rotating varieties) with salad greens, cooking greens, root veggies, seasonal vegetables, alliums and herbs, and a small assortment of fruit. You can see some of our old box flyers in our updates section, or email us at for a current newsletter.

Each week, we send out a description of the box for the upcoming delivery days. Please note that substitutions can happen from time to time, and if we run out of an item, it will be replaced with another, or the quantity of an existing item will be increased. Thank you for supporting our small farm and adventurously accepting the small, sometimes random treasures we send!

Add-on Pantry Bags

We also offer rotating pantry bag options, both from our farm and from other farmer friends. Here are just a few examples from the many we offer:


Bernard Ranch citrus from Riverside, with navel or Valencia oranges, tangelos, red grapefruits, oro blanco or march white grapefruits, blood oranges, lemons or Meyer lemons, blood oranges, and others (they rotate through the seasons).

Dried Beans

White butter beans and borlotti beans from Louie Iacopi’s Farm in Half Moon Bay.


Raw, shelled walnuts and almonds from DePalma farms in Ripon, CA.

Dried fruit

A mix of red flame raisins, golden raisins, currants, and cherries from Hidden Star Orchards.


100% worker-owned, single-origin Peruvian medium roast organic whole bean coffee from Pachamama Coffee Cooperative.

Juicing Vegetables

Cucumber “seconds” from Lakeside Organic Gardens

Mixed juicing vegetable box containing carrots, cucumber, and celery from Lakeside Organic Gardens.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables


Broccoli di cicco


Arugula and mesclun salad mix

…and many more!